Jex Blackmore (The Satanic Temple)-Naked Diner Ep.14

The show notes were supposed to be so simple this week … ok lets do this.

Hey Gang!

Way back in October of 2013 when I had just started doing Barely Domesticated I took the first minute and a half of episode 1 to make a point about the Tea Party’s weird mix of xtianity and libertarianism.

So here we are just a little over 2 years later, and that tiny rant has ceased to be a cheeky little poke at right-wing religious hypocrisy. Instead it is now a pretty reasonable point in the midst of my fair city being caught up in a whirl of “moral” outrage, shady legislative panic sessions, and the desire by state representatives to petition god for protection-from-evil-topiary (apparently).

Of course all this Satanic Temple to give Phoenix City Council invocation business just kicked off on Thursday. So we don’t address it as such in this week’s episode because it hadn’t happened yet. My local press really isn’t doing a great job detailing what The Satanic Temple’s beliefs actually are either. They’ve basically reduced it down to a couple soundbites and a handful of pictures that seem to frighten the normals.


But here in the Naked Diner, we don’t play that game. So, in terms of the broader discussion of what The Satanic Temple is, what they believe, and why they do what they do it’s quite the week to have their National Spokesperson Jex Blackmore sit down with us and really get into a dialog about why they use Satan as a symbol and what it represents to them.

Look the problem is this is a complex thing philosophically right? Non-theistic religion, literary criticism, constitutional law, and fashion are all in play here. If you’re the average American you’re not going to wrap your brain about what these people are really saying from a 5 minute segment between the details of the latest deck park tunnel crash and the weather. We’ve got a nice full hour for you. You’re welcome.

I expect our regular listeners will come away from this at the least thinking ‘hey, they’re alright.’ If you’re here because you’re outraged by the Phoenix hubbub then please keep an open mind …and my comments log your IP address so follow Wheton’s Law and don’t be a dick.

Now then, we good? Good. On to the links.


You may have seen Jex not too long ago on CNN’s This is Life with Lisa Ling.

Or last month when she delivered the first state-sanctioned Satanic ceremony in history on the steps of Lansing’s courthouse.

The Satanic Temple did this really avant counter-protest of an anti-abortion rally a bit back. It’s some pretty interesting guerrilla theatre. I liked it.

If you’re in Detroit you’ve probably seen more of Jex than we do out here because she’s also the head of that chapter.

Do check out the Satanic Temple’s website. It’s really the quick and easy way to see for yourself what they’re about.

There’s a spot in the show where we get into talking about crisis pregnancy centers and I go on about how smarmy their marketing is … example: … which of course is run by … which is clearly affiliated with … draw your own conclusions.

As for this Phoenix stuff … I’m only one man. Just google news “phoenix satan” and get up to date will ya? k thx.

Next Week:

Ian Harris. Awesome human. You can find his full set on hulu. He’s really funny and you should watch it.


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