Barely Domesticated Ep 23-The Case for Saving Helix-UPDATE

Stephen Sumner from Optical Human Modulation guests this week to talk about why SyFy’s Helix is a show we should all be watching and begging to get renewed, why Agents of Shield hasn’t lived up to everyone’s expectations, and the new Science Fiction Museum project going on in Washington D.C.

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This week’s guest Stephen Sumner would like to add the following corrections to comments he made during the podcast:

  • During the recording session, I mentioned one of my all-time favorite films. However, I mistakenly said “Sunlight” instead of Sunshine (2007).
  • The EMP Museum in Seattle, Washington is still very much open for business. What differentiates it from the Museum of Science Fiction is that it focuses on music, sci-fi and popular culture, whereas the MOSF will be primarily focused on only sci-fi, with a heavy emphasis on education (Science Technology Engineering Art and Math).

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