Barely Domesticated Ep. 29-Season 1 Finale

Hiatus Announcement

This week: Our Final Episode of Season 1 of Barely Domesticated!

Season 2 coming back Next Month (May 2014 [translation: Jack needs a few weeks off])

This week enjoy an extended episode clip show of highlights from season 1 featuring all your favoirte guests:

Adam- @ophan13

Nick- @nicksabot

Steve- @UZH77

Rusty- … doesn’t play on the internet the way the rest of us do

Dave- @vistachiri

Andy – @LaughPurgatory

Steve Sumner- @OpHuMod

And the Mighty @Troythulu

As always to contact the show you can find Jack @LEDFlashing or email … which you should listen to the episode to get because writing it down begets spam.

Thanks everyone for a great first season and looking forward to a great season 2. See you soon!

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