Barely Domesticated Ep. 34-Contest

From the shores of Gila Bay.

Ok gang, we’re trying something a lot different and we hope it’s going to work out. If you like this episode please let us know … and let everybody else know, because it was a lot of fun and I’d like to do a bunch more stuff like it.

This week, the events surrounding the ferry accident. An AZCorp promotional contest announcement for listeners (and yes we’re totally serious about it, see further down the notes for details), a new sponsor, op-ed news from the northeast, and more.

‘Contest’ details: Make a video of yourself singing the AZCorp jingle (the one that Azzie sings in the AZCorp ads) and email us a link to wherever you’ve posted it (preferably not somewhere spammy, thanks. You can get our contact details at the end of the show). Once we’ve gotten a chance to see it we’ll email you a digital copy of our ebook ‘The Miskatonic University Beginner’s Guide to Old One’s Yoga‘. This offer is valid through the end of June 2014.

All that said, doing the show this way is a lot more time and effort than the old conversational show that we have been doing up until now, so I’m really serious about bringing other people in to help with scripting and story ideas, so listen to the end of the show for info on how to submit that kind of thing if you’re interested in helping out.



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