Barely Domesticated Ep04 – Stupid Email Broke My Happy

In a lot of ways this episode is a long time in the making. I’ve known Rusty for well over a decade and long rambling speculative conversations about technology have always been a hallmark of our friendship. We dormed together at college and one of the things we would often do was record those talks, though with our college budgets and late 90’s equipment it wasn’t on computers, over wi-fi signals, on opposite ends of the country. We would sit on the floor of a 10’x14′ dorm room and record everything on a micro-cassette recorder. Two actually, we each had one. I believe those tapes are still tucked somewhere in a box at the bottom of a closet.

Even though this is episode 4 of Barely Domesticated and in the intervening time we’ve graduated, moved across the country (or didn’t), gotten married (or didn’t), had other podcasts (or didn’t), and built careers having Rusty on feels more like a return to form. Though no one ever heard those episodes besides us (and I assure you, that’s probably for the best).

Also, somewhere in the second-half Rusty throws out a joking challenge to our listeners … having known him as long as I have there is no doubt in my mind that if someone actually takes him up on it that he will honor it, for whatever that’s worth. It’s rather silly. But silly is good.

Alright panted primates, enough sentimentalizing let’s get to it. next week Adam is back for the Halloween show so be sure and come back for that. Enjoy the show and thanks for listening.

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