Black Mass Appeal – Naked Diner Ep 86

Tabitha, Simone, and Daniel are members of Satanic San Francisco and host the group’s bi-weekly Black Mass Appeal Podcast. Jack, who hasn’t cut a 5 person episode in 3 years, is rather happy with it. Plus, with Andy away Jack brought in fellow TST-AZ member Wonka, who recently started a Threadless shop to make cool Satanic merchandise.

You can find Black Mass Appeal on all your favorite podcast services, or at their websites and They’re also Blackmassappeal on facebook, twitter, and instagram.

You can find Wonka’s cool gear at Lesser Key Clothing

As always you can find Jack at: and NOW at For Infernal Use Only

And Andy At: or Laughing in Disbelief.

To support the show, please consider visiting

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