Bonus: Martin Hughes Responds to The Amazing Atheist-Naked DriveThru 1

Back in February Co-Host Andy and I had W. Kamau Bell on the show. This was long before Trump was the Republican nominee, and if you’d listened to Kamau maybe he wouldn’t be. Kamau said [about Trump]  “white people, come get your boy

Now, if you’re in the atheist community at all you probably saw, or at least tangentially heard about, yesterday’s interaction between Patheos’ BarrierBreaker Martin Hughes and YouTube’s The Amazing Atheist. Martin called TJ out on one of TJ’s videos, and TJ responded at length.

To be honest, in my time in the online atheist community … I’ve watched a lot of TJ’s videos. Sometimes his rants are spot on. But since I’ve been doing interview shows with all kinds of people I’ve learned enough to know that my opinion is definitely warped by my position in society.

[come get your boy]

So when all this stuff between Martin and TJ touched off … we did our thing. And, since Co-Host Andy has close ties over at Patheos, we set up a half hour with Martin for immediate release.

I’m not saying TJ is a bad guy. From what I’ve seen I kinda like TJ as a person. But I just think he’s coming from a place in all this that’s too … frankly, up his own ass.

I’m not going to say “Check your privilege” or “Stop whitesplaining” or anything like that, because I don’t think that kind of thing actually helps. I guess what I mean is … shunning and isolating doesn’t help. Let’s have a real conversation about this stuff.

So here is our half-hour impromptu bonus show with Martin Hughes from BarrierBreaker reacting to TJ’s reaction to his blog post.

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