Brian Keith Dalton (Mr. Deity) – Naked Diner Ep. 51

Do I really have to tell our audience who Brian is? Doesn’t seem like I should. But Brian Dalton is the creator and star of the Mr. Deity, and just an all around swell guy.

This is a fun episode and I think, as as far as I’m aware, one of the few times Brian has talked about how Mr. Deity … happened. We do a pretty deep dive into his childhood and how the channel took off. The conversation goes into a lot of interesting places so we hope you enjoy it.

Also funny story from the cutting room floor: Just before we added Brian onto the skype call he shot me a message asking whether swearing was ‘allowed, prohibited, or just frowned upon’. For those of you following the show who know that we’re currently running our #swearjar campaign to raise money and awareness for you understand why he was delighted to hear my response ‘Not only is it allowed, it raises money for a good cause!’

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