Coming Soon: the Barely Domesticated Podcast

Things are really starting to take shape now with the new show so I wanted to send this out to let everyone know that it is more or less on schedule to get rolling very soon. Recording starts this week! Episodes should start rolling next week!

If you were a listener of my last podcast you need to know: it’s going to be a very different kind of show. Shorter, more frequent episodes. (No more bi-weekly schedules for me!) If there are panel discussions they will be few and far between. This show is going to be about ideas: weird ideas, funny ideas, strange ideas, most importantly entertaining ideas (I hope). Often it will be me and one guest (and yes, the guys from the Left Hemispheres Podcast have all graciously agreed to stop by now and again), sometimes I’ll be flying solo. There’s still a lot of bits and pieces that are sorting themselves out, but I really like the direction this attempt is starting to turn towards.

Content will be very different as well. Listeners of the old show will remember that often we strayed very far off topic. Barely Domesticated will try and alleviate that, not just by having shorter episodes, but by staying mainly to the topics onto which we used to drift. It also won’t be a news review show. I’m also looking into keeping things moving with more skits and set pieces.

That is to say, it should be a fun and pretty geeky show pretty much all of the time.

The show is probably going to start off on a weekly schedule, and if possible I’d like to ramp it up to twice a week, but with trying to sort out other projects that just isn’t going to happen right away.




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