Dr Abby Hafer-Naked Diner Ep. 37

Abby Hafer is a speaker, writer, and humorist. She also teaches human anatomy and physiology at Curry College. She is the Author of “The Not-So-Intelligent Designer: Why Evolution Explains the Human Body and Intelligent Design Does Not“.

Jack and Andy sit down with Abby to talk about the politics surrounding the anti-evolution so-called ‘science’ of intellegent design (creationism). She also tells us all kinds of really cool stuff about some lesser known animals and, in fact, some things you might know know about us humans too.

Big-fun smart talk this week gang. Strap in.

As always you can find Jack at: https://twitter.com/ledflashing and http://zxh-creative.com

And Andy At: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/laughingindisbelief/ or https://twitter.com/laughpurgatory.

Music: Justin Mahar-The Grind under a CC BY 3.0 license.

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