Kaveh Mousavi -Naked Diner Ep.12

Kaveh is an ex-muslim athiest blogger living in Tehran, Iran.

This was an interesting talk. Our first international Naked Diner. What stuck me most is that Kaveh’s experience living as an atheist in the middle east is … that he’s not that different. In this episode you’ll heear him say that a lot of ‘religious’ people over there igonre the trappings of their faith and instead, figure that just giving him a hard time is good enough. Tell me you haven’t heard that before?

You can find Kaveh on the Patheos Atheist channel at: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/marginoferr/

On twitter at: https://twitter.com/PatheosKaveh

And of course you can find Jack at: https://twitter.com/ledflashing or Http://zxh-creative.com.

And Andy At: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/laughingindisbelief/ or https://twitter.com/laughpurgatory

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