Kaytlin Bailey -Naked Diner Ep.11

Kaytlin Bailey is a comic/performer and founder of the Pink Collar Comedy Tour … which going into the show is what we planned to talk about. That plan changed as we got into the topic of her one woman show Cuntagious, her brief career in escorting, sex work in general, and domestic violence. The whole thing escalates pretty quickly. I think you’ll like it.

Kaytlin is currently playing shows in New York and Pink Collar will be touring the West Coast soon. For details see pinkcollarcomedytour.com and Kaytlinbailey.com.

Kaytlin’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/KaytlinBailey

Note for audiophiles: We had to do the show this week over google hangouts instead of our usual Skype, this caused some weird bleed between the channels and I had to do a fair bit of tinkering to try and eliminate echo, etc. Sorry about that. Can’t be helped. Do stick with this episode though.

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