Lucien Greaves – Naked Diner Ep. 72

Lucien Greaves is one of the co-founders of The Satanic Temple and the driving force behind

In this week’s show Jack and Andy sit down with Lucien to discuss Grey Faction’s campaign against Satanic panic inspired Dissociative Identity Disorder treatments, The growth of The Satanic Temple, and non-theistic Satanism as a religion within the secular/atheistic movement.

If for more information you can visit,, or The Satanic Temple’s Facebook Page. To find Lucien you can follow his twitter feed at

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11 thoughts on “Lucien Greaves – Naked Diner Ep. 72

    1. “Kill yourself”??? Who the hell ever tells people to kill themselves and doesn’t realize that’s abusive gaslighting?

      1. what do you call telling millions of mentally ill people they’re making up their alters and their trauma histories for attention, to impress a therapist, to feel special and important? #DIDIsRealLikeAustralia #TellItToAJudge

        1. I think you think you’re making sense, but I’d like to be probably not the first and definitely not the last to tell you that you’re not. Maybe you should do a little bit of reading.


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