Miskatonic Yoga Logo, A Thank You for Your Support

As you may well know, we basically funded the website and podcasts for the last year or so with sales from The Miskatonic University Beginner’s Guide to Old Ones Yoga ebook.

And you have been great about it, gang. So as a thank you, and since some people have been asking about it, I started thinking about putting the logo on some clothing for those who want it. Unfortunately, given the relatively small cross-section of people who do yoga and are ridiculous fans of Lovecraft it’s not the kind of thing you want to do in a big production run. Besides, I’m not really a clothier and I’m widely regarded as fashion ambivalent at best.

So, I took the liberty of slapping the logo on a pair of Yoga Pants over at CafePress. And I was hoping to put it on a pair of shorts too, but they don’t have them.

Now, this is, of course, a thank you. And ZXH isn’t making any money on this stuff, and I understand a lot of people don’t have a lot of love for CafePress, or frankly can find a way to make stuff cheaper if they want it.

We are totally cool with that. Which is why if you right-click/download this link it’s a high-res PNG of the logo. Feel free to take it and put it on whatever you want with our compliments for being so swell about helping us fund the site in 2014.

But do us a favor, if you actually get a pair of these, or put the logo on something else, we’d love to see some fan pics tweeted our way @ledflashing.

Thanks a bunch everyone, we’re looking forward to doing some fun things this year too and we hope you’ll all stay along for the ride.

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