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As a programming note you may notice that we’re starting to get a better sense of the shape of the show we’re trying to do. Intros and outros, less of our yapping to make more time with the guest … apparently my desire for more robust show notes. Our ideas of what we’re trying to do have crystalized considerably since Episode 1. Moving into episode 3 and beyond these refinements will hopefully continue without Andy and I turning into prima donnas and going all behind the music on each other. It’s very unlikely that will happen, as I don’t think either of us have any illusions about what we do being high art. But the only way to test it is to make the show ridiculously successful, so if you’re curious to find out if fame would make us self-destruct be sure and tell all your friends about us.

Enough about that, onto the fun.

Alyssa is a popular blogger and … twitter-er? twitter personality? tweep? … what word are all the hip kids using for that these days anyway? Since she blogs too does that make her a twogger? The semantics of what she does remain shrouded in mystery. Her, well she’s usually a little less shrouded. And that’s great. Modesty has it’s place; and the internet is not that place.  On that note, given the title of our show I can neither confirm nor deny what anyone was wearing during recording … I mean I can, but I won’t. You’ll just have to use your imagination.

I’m glad Andy was able to do whatever social media voodoo he employs to convince people to come on our show for this one. Twitter is one of those places on the internet I only tangentially understand, it’s an occupational hazard when you spend most of your time thinking in terms of ‘how many hours of tape to we have?’, so I only had the passing knowledge of occasional retweets by people in my feed when Andy said she agreed to be on. I do like a fun guest who’s glad to let the conversation go where it will though, and she definitely has that. There’s also a joyous irony in taking someone who habitually tweets scantily clad selfies and asking them to be on the radio.

If you’re reading this then there’s a pretty good chance you know more about her than I did last week. So you know that her big topics are atheism, sex-positive feminism, positive body image, and plain old nerdy stuff like My Little Pony: FiM and while she was on the show we pretty much ran the gamut on those topics. It’s a fun discussion. You’ll like it.

So enjoy, and if you all behave maybe she’ll agree to come back sometime.

For Unguided Continuing Knowledge:

The other podcast Alyssa was on earlier this year was The Infidel Podcast Ep. 28

The skeptic themed episode of MLP:FiM Alyssa mentions is S04E20.

The documentary she mentioned is Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony from 2012

If the phrase ‘Prairie Home Companion Lutheran‘ didn’t make sense to you, check out your local public radio station … seriously, it’s a great show.

The New Star Trek series I mentioned won’t be out until January 2017.

The Arpaio lawsuit I mentioned (for you non-southwesterners) really has cost a ridiculous amount of money.

Alyssa’s Twitter: @pooroldkilgore

Alyssa’s Blog:

Music: Justin Mahar-The Grind under a CC BY 3.0 license.

Random things that have nothing to do with any of this but I’m going to tell you anyway:

Friday was Trace Beaulieu from MST3K’s birthday.

Fox has confirmed a Greatest American Hero Reboot

I’ve decided to keep the beard from my awesome halloween costume.

Arizona is putting up barriers to letting state employees donate to Planned Parenthood

Skepticon 8 will employ a color communication badge policy

That story about the football coach near Seattle isn’t over yet

Parting thought:

Whenever the east coast or NOLA or something gets battered by a storm the TV preachers all start screaming about how it’s ‘god’s judgement’ … so how come when Texas got crazy flooded right after they yanked Planned Parenthood funding not one of those bastards changed their mind about reproductive rights? I mean, I don’t believe it … but shouldn’t we call them out for being inconsistent?

Next Episode 11/16. Thanks all.


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