Naked Diner-Episode 1

Hey Gang!

Welcome to the new podcast. Naked Diner will be me (Jack) and frequent guest of .. I think all 3 of my previous podcasts at one time or another, comedian and author Andy Hall from Laughing in Disbelief over on Pathos.

And we’ll have guests!

For this, our inaugural episode we have the inimitable Atheist Pig himself Winston Hamilton joining us for the full second-half! We discuss how he got into webcomicing, how his comic found it’s voice, and the pitfalls of social conventions that don’t really fit with your way of life.

In the first half Andy and I talk some current events and start to get a feel for the general shape of what the Naked Diner Podcast is going to be like (which is to say, the music needs work and our intro skills are a bit rusty).

We’re planning for this one to ramp up quick folks so buckle in and come back in 2 weeks for Episode 2, It’s going to be fun. We might end up going weekly with it, but truth be told it’s Halloween week and ain’t neither of us recording on Saturday. Andy because he has kids and me because I’m immature and like dressing up in costumes.

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