Paul Fidalgo (Thinkery Podcast)-Naked Diner Ep. 45

Paul Fidalgo is the co-host of the Thinkery Podcast (like bakery, but with thoughts) and Director of Communications for the Center for Inquiry.

We don’t talk to Paul about CFI related stuff at all this episode; I thought there might be some of that but it never materialized. Why? Well, all 3 of us are what you might call political junkies, and it’s Labor Day in an election year. So basically now is the time where everyone else starts to pay attention to politics as hard as we’ve been paying attention for the last 18 months or so. This week Andy and Jack have an amazing sit down with Paul to talk about politics. This is a bit of a deep dive on why Americans vote the way they do, why America is the way it is, why we have the choices we have, and basically how we ended up where we are.

You might remember that Paul was a guest on the show before back on episode 16 when we talked about the merger of CFI and the Richard Dawkins Foundation … and Shakespeare … and Amazon’s return policy. I like Paul because he offers the depth and breadth of a genuine person who isn’t tied down to just talking points and beats that he feels the need to hit. So listen to this episode, because Paul is a good guy.

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