Sam Slade – Naked Diner Ep. 50

Early Release! Why? Because our guest, comedian Sam Slade ,worked on both of Obama’s campaigns and we decided to put it out a few hours early so it diner patrons can have a chance to hear all our hot takes on the current political situation ahead of the Clinton/Trump town hall debate.

Sam is a Texas comedian and political activist. We had a great time with Sam, he’s funny, politically astute, and based on that we decided the best thing to do is to just go ahead and put this out now.

You can find Sam on his Facebook and on his twitter

Also, we’ve decided, given the situation, that use of the P word does count for our swearjar campaign to raise money for suicide prevention awareness. So given everything that’s happened in this last news cycle we end up donating a fair chunk of change to Live Through This.

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