Science Comedian Brian Malow-Naked Diner Ep. 43

We’ve had Brian on the show before back in ep. 25 and back then he was just set to go host a Nobel symposium in Germany.

Well … not only did Brian go to Germany to hang out with Nobel laureates he also took the time to go to CERN … y’know … that place with the Shiva statute where there was a fake human sacrifice last week? Yeah there  (sure it’s one of, if not THE, most advanced research facility in the world … but let’s focus on how spooky people’s hoods are when they’re intentionally trying to mess with people). Honestly, if you don’t think the Shiva bit wasn’t trolling … get a grip.

But never mind that because we have Science Comedian Brian Malow making his second appearance in the diner and dang he has some great stories about his adventures from home to Germany, to CERN, to the vatican astronomical observatory and back. You need to hear this one!

Brian Malow is Earth’s Pre­mier Sci­ence Come­dian (self-proclaimed).  He has per­formed for NSF, AAAS, JPL, NIST, ACS, AGU – and many other acronyms.

Brian has made sci­ence videos for Time Magazine’s web­site and is a con­trib­u­tor to Neil deGrasse Tyson’s radio show.  He gives work­shops and pre­sen­ta­tions to train sci­en­tists to become bet­ter speak­ers.

Music by: Schux Famicom

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