Secular Parenting -Naked Diner Ep.13

The vicissitudes of fate have conspired against our scheduled guest’s tire. But fear not diner patrons, we have other goodness tucked away for just such instances.

Andy did talk last month at Greater Boston Oasis about secular parenting and, after some insistance from Jack, had the good sense to make a recording of it … y’know … in case our scheduled guest has to reschedule one day. Always have a back-up plan friends.

So enjoy Andy’s talk, and we’ll have more guesty goodness next week. Tune back in February 1st for that. February is going to be good, I promise.

And of course you can find Jack at:

And Andy At: or

Also, in case you haven’t noticed, we have an affiliate now. makes some nice shoes. I like them a lot. So having talked with the fine folk over there we worked out this deal with them. If you go to their site and buy something use the coupon code ‘naked’ at checkout and get 10% off your purchase. How great is that? So go check them out.


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