The Left Hemispheres Podcast Ep. 07 – I’m doing it right, you’re not supposed to enjoy it

On the first day of xmas I’m gonna give to you … a back episode of left hemispheres.


Original Show notes:

This week Andy from Laughing in Purgatory is back to visit. Andy, Steve, Nick, and Jack discuss the election fallout, christian sex practices, and the pros and cons of indoctrinating children.

Show notes:
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  1. Wednesday November 14th, 2012
  2. One Week after the election
    1. Republicans (continue to) totally lose their shit
      1. What the Right Doesn’t Get About Elections (Note, this is a pastbin copy of the text. Original site is now dead (with a lovely goodbye letter accusing everyone of, of course, limiting his freedom of speech)
      2. Republicans Must Stay Right-Wing
      3. Something racist … I think maybe this one or this one.
      4. After Obama’s Re-Election, Religious Right Demands Repentance and Resistance
      5. Beck: If Americans are ‘So Dead Inside’ That They Re-Elect Obama, Then ‘We Have to be Destroyed’
      6. FRC: Christians must Prepare for Civil Disobedience, Persecution
      7. Huckabee on TDS 11/12
        1. Part1
        2. Part2
    2. Open Letter to Conservative America
    3. AZ9 elects Kyrsten Sinema
      1. then she decides she doesn’t like us as much anymore
  4. (via Tim Minchin)
  5. Ugandan ‘kill the gays bill’

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