This Weekend! Miskatonic Yoga Just $0.99! (Fri, Sat, Sun)

Hey Panted Primates! We’ve got news!

So if you listened to this week’s episode you know we said that the ebook was going to be having a promotional sale, well that time is now! Let’s start with a quick bit of site news. I’ve checked the numbers and February was officially our best month to date for Barely Domesticated listenership. So from all the regulars and myself I want to express a hearty THANK YOU for listening and sharing.

In that spirit, we’re having a sale!

Starting now though Midnight PST Sunday The Miskatonic University Beginner’s Guide to Old One’s Yoga is just $0.99 on the Kindle Store! That’s 67% off list! That’s squamous savings! Remember every copy helps support ZXH Creative produce the Barely Domesticated Podcast and hopefully all kinds of other upcoming projects we would really like to get off the ground.

Really gang, this entire endeavor can’t happen without the support of you lot, and sooner or later I’d like to grow it beyond the sort of hobby site it is now with a lot more content, and bigger, better projects. But that all has to start somewhere. And generally speaking that starts with begging for enough money to keep things running. So come on true believers! All weekend long just 10 thin dimes in the Kindle store helps keep the show on the proverbial road and puts the first of our hopefully many weird and wonderful other projects on your eReader for your enjoyment.

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