This Week’s Episode Will Be Late … BUT! Left Hemispheres eps. 10-17

Hey Gang. I got a bit sidetracked playing catch up on some stuff this weekend, and didn’t get the episode cut on time. We’re not going to leave you hanging though.

So in addition to the episode which will be up tomorrow or Wednesday instead of Today …. I DID manage to get 8 (EIGHT!) more back episodes of Left Hemispheres uploaded to the youtubes, which I’m just putting the finishing touches on now (basically processing the old episodes hogged all my computer power and bandwidth so … I didn’t get to get everything edited).

Does that sound fair though? Wait a day or two for the new episode, but get something like 12-15 hours of back episodes? Great, so those will be posting real soon and Ep 8 will be out tomorrow.


Edit: I will make individual posts for these episodes, but for now, here’s a handy link to the youtube playlist.


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