Trae Crowder (the Liberal Redneck)-Naked Diner Ep 34

Trae is youtube’s “Liberal Redneck” , and a really great guy. I’ve really got to say gang, I know Trae grew up in the south and I grew up in the North east, but technically we’re both from parts of the Appalachian mountains so there’s a lot of things he talked about that I was really able to identify with. He’s a genuinely funny dude and we had a terrific talk. If his tour comes through your town you should totally check him out.

You can find out more about Trae on his Facebook:, his Twitter: and especially check out his youtube:

As always you can find Jack at: and

And Andy At: or

Music: Justin Mahar-The Grind under a CC BY 3.0 license.

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