Zach Weinersmith (SMBC-Comics)-Naked Diner Ep.18

If you spend any amount of time around the internet you’ve probably seen some of Zach’s comics. But you may not know he also hosts the semi-regular BAHFest events on the east and west coasts, and most recently in London. We sit down with Zach and talk the early days of webcomics, parenting, city planning (believe it or not), single-use monocles (Really really believe it or not), and a plurality of other topics. To quote my goodly co-host “Sickeningly nice guy that Zach.”

You can of course find Zach’s daily comic at

You can find all the BAHFest videos on

… this one’s my favorite:

No kidding. Single-use disposable monocles. Welcome to the future of the past:



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