Andrew Seidel – Naked Diner Ep 147

Andrew Seidel is a constitutional attorney at the Freedom From Religion Foundation and his new book The Founding Myth: Why Christian Nationalism Is Un-American does not pull any punches about the threat of Christian Nationalism in the United States.

I’m joined this week by guest co-host Stephen Long from the Sacred Tension podcast who was nice enough to have me on his show this week, and since Andy couldn’t make it stepped in to help me work the Dinner.

We talk to Andrew about his book, Christian Nationalism, the decision in FFRF co-President Dan Barker’s invocation dispute with U.S. House Chaplain Patrick J. Conroy, and the new Missouri bill that would make it mandatory that Church/State cases not be brought anonymously.

You can follow Andrew on all the social medias including Twitter and Instagram, you can pick up his new book on Amazon right now, and be sure to check out FFRF’s Patheos blog Freethought Now! of which Andrew is a regular contributor.

You can check out more from guest co-host Stephen Long on his personal blog, which has links to his show Sacred Tension, and plenty more.

As always you can find Jack at: Twitter and at his blog at For Infernal Use Only

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