Barely Domesticated Ep. 07 – More about Makers

This week we continue with Rusty and Jack’s talk about makers and maker culture.  We also kind of start to touch on some foodie issues which are bound to come up again in future shows and we’ll likely devote a whole episode to it sooner or later.

Also, as promised Rusty was able to get pics of the antique pinball collection we were talking about in episode 6. So here’s some serious old-timey nerd eye-candy for y’all.

No links this week. Next week: Geeking out ahead of the Dr. Who 50th anniversary special with one of my favorite fellow fanboys, and fractal maker extrodanare the mighty Troythulu from My Horrific Elegance and The Call of Troythulu. So be sure and come back for that.

Pics below, click on the thumbnails to see the full images:

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