Best of: Sarah Hodge Weatherbe-Naked Diner Ep 36

Hey gang! It’s the holiday season and this week Jack and Andy have been busy making our social rounds and doing all the things. So we’re delving into the vaults for a Classic Naked Diner episode! We’re going all the way back to July of 2016 for a talk we had with the amazing Geek Gal Sarah Hodge Weatherbe. Because it’s mid-December and everybody could use a nice, not political episode to chill out to and take a breather while gearing up for that fight you expect to have with your racist uncle in about a week. Fear not though! Gentle listener. Next Monday we’ll be back with the Friendly Atheist himself, Hemant Mehta, to get you in Xmas eve spirit.

Sarah, erstwhile proprietor of Panels by Geek Gal, is a true nerd and hoo-wee did we have a lot of fun getting our geek on. We know we’ve been hitting the serious topics pretty hard lately and I’ve got to say it was really nice to just have a straight-up literary discussion about comic books, urban legends, and geek culture to give us some breathing space before we jump back into politics or religion again (which I assure you we will, I’ve seen our calendar).

Besides it’s the holidays, you don’t want a big heavy thinky show, do you? Nah. So we made you this, which we think is just the thing to pair with a hotdog or burger to jumpstart your geeky BBQ conversations about whether Wolverine would beat Batman in a fight or if the Baba Yaga and Krampus summer together in the Mediterranean. Big fun!

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