Happy Halloween

Hey Gang!
The new show (Naked Diner) is really starting to gel now that we put the first episode out. Sadly, with all the Halloween hoopla there just isn’t time for one this week.

But we have another guest lined up for next week, and 2 other guests lined up thereafter, TBD.

I think you’re going to enjoy it.

We’re going to change up the format a bit from Ep.1. Less Andy and I just talking and more time with the guest. I’ve also finally tracked down some suitable podsafe music so the whole diner theme thing … was fun for Ep1, but we’re going to nix it.

Naked Diner is going to be an approximately weekly show. But just so you know with this time of year and all … there’s only going to be 3 Episodes in November. Mainly because I can’t bring the studio with me when I go out of town.

That pretty much sums up the news for now. Have a lovely holiday and we’ll be back in about a week.

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