Laura Lane/Amber Pechin Naked Diner Ep. 48 #SwearJar

A lot going on this week gang.

1) Andy and I are starting out on #swearjar inititative for Dese’rae L. Stage’s Live Through This Campaign. Because we believe in it. We didn’t make her a huge amount of money this week ($3), but that’s fine because we are doing this until late-ish December. Go to the site. Experience what it’s about.

2) Skepticon 2016! Our first segment is with Lauren Lane and all about why you should try, if you can, to get your ass to Missouri for Skepticon 2016.

3) our interview guest for the week: Amber Pechin (peach-in … like the fruit), a delightful ex-mormon stand-up comedian who we met when she opened for Ian Harris (who did our great intro bump for this very episode and thanks for that Ian!).

I think you’re going to like this one.

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