Lost Hominids Ep.07-One Tangent After Another

This week Steve, Adam ,Nick and Jack attempt to discuss the following in between veering off course into things like geologic time scale, the LH Facebook page, and art criticism:

Neil Gaiman And Amanda Palmer Just Announced Their Pregnancy On Twitter

What happens when you show cheap Ikea paintings to art ‘experts’

DC Comics pull cover of Batgirl menaced by Joker after online protests

The science of protecting people’s feelings: why we pretend all opinions are equal

Jack Huston Confirmed As Lead In The Crow

Sen. Lindsey Graham Says He Would Use Military Force Against Congress As President

You Can Now Play Cards Against Humanity Online With Anyone For Free

If leftwingers like me are condemned as rightwing, then what’s left?

Atheist Convention Will Screen ‘God’s Not Dead’—With a Helping Hand From ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ Cast

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