Victor Varnado-Naked Diner Ep. 57

Actor/Comedian Victor Varnado joins Andy and Jack for a talk about comedy, media, video games and LARPing.

Victor’s web series Realm of Larp can be found on the Nerdist YouTube channel, and he is currerntly producing webcontent for Conde Nash.

Check out Episode 1 of Realm of LARP

You can find more from Victor at his website or on twitter at

As always you can find Jack at: and

And Andy At: or

Music: Schux Famicom – 7th Avenue. Full album available at

And finally the Naked Diner Podcast is still running our #SwearJar campaign to raise awareness (and some cash) for suicide awareness. Please consider passing along some of your seasonal spending over that way because we think it’s an important thing.

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