Naked Diner Flashbacks Collection: The Satan Ones

Hey gang, the hiatus is going swell but I wanted to check in just to keep the page active since it’s been a couple weeks. Welcome to 2017!

I’ve been kicking around this idea to do occasional posts during the hiatus compiling some of the shows we did throughout the year into collections for easy one stop shopping on certain topics. Given that (and that this Saturday there’s going to be what is being billed as the largest Satanic Temple gathering to date in Los Angeles) I thought it’d be fun to kick these collections off by revisiting the Naked Diner episodes featuring members of The Satanic Temple. Over the course of last year we had 4 episodes with TST heads and organizers and really enjoyed being able to sit down and talk with members of the organization to find out more about it beyond a 5-10 minute news clip.

Ep. 14 with guest Jex Blackmore, National spokesperson and Director at The Satanic Temple-Detroit. Jex was on shortly after the Detroit Chapter once again installed their now infamous Snaketivity display at the Michigan Capitol building grounds and gave a ceremony on the Capitol steps.

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Ep 35. with guests Stu De Haan and Michelle Shortt, Chapter heads at The Satanic Temple-Arizona. Stu and Michelle had filled out the paperwork and were supposed to give an invocation at a Phoenix City Council Meetingthat attempt was met with an insane amount of vitriol. Since Arizona is my stomping ground I got a hold of them to talk about TST and all the flared tempers their small request for inclusion caused.

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Ep. 39 with guest Steve Hill, Comedian and Organizer at The Satanic Temple-Los Angeles. Andy tapping into his Stand-up comedy contacts a few months later, which lead to our interview with LA chapter organizer Steve Hill shortly after he made national news in his bid to run for California’s 21st District during the 2016 election cycle.

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Ep. 53 with guest Finn Rezz from The Satanic Temple-Portland. TST Portland was the first chapter to host an After School Satan Club event after a nationwide campaign kicked off to offer science and reason based alternatives to the child evangelism fellowship’s “Good News Club” after school programs. Finn came on the show after their approval and just weeks before their first After School Satan Club meeting.

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